Monday, January 23, 2023

Never in Anger Song

Never in anger
Never in fear
Feeding my hunger
Consciousness clear 

Voice low and curt
Cue butterflies and shivers
Willing but hurt
Is the hesitant giver 

Clear that slate
Wipe out that guilt
Never too late
To confess what I feel 

Safer than ever
Sting of the cane
Lick of the leather 
Consented and sane 

Holding high court
Not allowed to veer
Belt folded short
Spells business and tears 

Smack of the hand or
Stroke of the belt
Swish of a hanger
Doled out and dealt 

Taut, bound, and sore
It's never a game
My body and soul are
Yours only to claim 

Thud of the paddle
Whisk of the whip
Rise off the saddle
Taking the leap 

Drowned in pain
Covered in snot
Naked and seen
Judged I'm not 

Bye, dear fairies
Back on your lap
Humbled and bleary
Closing the gap 

Seeking surrender
Crimson and over
Sinfully tender
Dutiful lover 

Malleable rebel
Cherished and loved
By the guardian devil 
Sent from above 

Stilled, acquiesced
And knelt in the night
Thanks for the rescue 
My fearless knight


  1. I've been stopping by as frequently as demands will allow & enjoying ALL the wonderful posts here, just been too busy to take the time to comment (a grievous fault for which I should be soundly spanked, I know). You express yourself marvelously, SIM! I particularly LOVE this Song! Thank you for being you!
    Jean Marie

  2. Thank you for all the loving, JM!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Erica! If i made you feel better even for a moment, my job is done here.

    2. Erica, you put me on your blog list!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I will not disappoint you.