Saturday, January 28, 2023


Panic? It's a perfect time to panic! Not the fight or flight kind, you silly. 

One of the readers just posted on a friend's blog (thank you, JM) that he couldn't comment on my blog and he left the loveliest comment, by the way, you can read it here at the very bottom.

Does anyone experience any problem with comments on Blogger? Can you please try to leave a comment, and if you can't, please send me a message, I just added an Ask me form on the right. And it seems that my blogroll is not getting updated properly...

Question: does Blogger have any profanity filters, like blocking comments or posts based on the certain words we like to use?? Because I don't mind using asterisks, I think everyone here can decipher the word c*ck without any problem.


BTW, the post in question was Tanning the tan lines from yesterday.


  1. Just checking if a can leave a comment.

  2. Hermione is knowledgeable about Blogger. You might ask her.

  3. I have problems posting comments on Blogger blogs on occasion because it doesn't like what it's seeing. This could be because I use an anonymizing VPN or because I have the settings on Firefox cranked up to block pop-up windows. My suggestion is to turn off the security just for the comment by clicking the icon at the left of the URL (in Firefox) or similar in other browsers to see if that helps get the comment posted.

  4. I'm the "he" referenced above. Thank you for such kind words! elseepa

    1. and I was able to comment this time! (Twice even!)

    2. Welcome to my blog, elseepa, and thanks again. To read all the stories in order, click on the Almond croissant (top right). Enjoy!